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We operate in Aeronautics, Industry (Goods and Services) and Medical Devices.

We can support or train your organization :


Considered standards : Iso 9001, EN9100, Iso 13485, Iso 14971

Support :
• to implement the new version of standards Iso 9001 (v2015), EN9100 (v2016), Iso 13485 (v2016)
• to extend certification (new activities, new production site, …)

Conduct of your internal audits

Achievement of a pre audit, to prepare your initial certification or renewal


Implementation of processus approach (map, processus, pilots, key performance indicators, …)
Training and coaching of Processus Pilots
Presentation focused to each responsibility level (management, department managers, project leaders, shop managers, …)


Considered standards : Iso 14971, IEC 62366

Identify, analyze and prioritize risks and opportunities
Identify and implement an action plan
Assess effectiveness of actions and learn from experience


Methodologies to resolve your Production issues :

1. Low Product quality :

• quality check methods (self check, cross check, final check, defects recording, …)
• relevant KPIs (RFT, OTD, CoNQ, …)

2. Too much defects :

• distribution by occurrence and type (PARETO chart)
• causal analysis (5M, Ishikawa fishbone)
• corrective and preventive actions plan (CAPA)
• continuous improvement cycle (PDCA – Deming wheel), …

3. Implementation of production Continuous improvement :

• Kaizen approach (Lean Management)
• work space managing (5S)
• reducing wastes (7M)
• mistake proofing implementation (Poka Yoke)

4. Economic issues – quality and performance :

Reduce non quality costs (assessment, follow up, eradication)
Encourage customer loyalty (differenciation, satisfaction, advertising vehicle, turn over sustainability)
Make the balance of quality approach (investment <-> savings)

5. Implementation of problem-solving methods and tools :

• 8D method
• Five Ws tool
• 5 Whys tool